It's time to Transcend Cancer.
What Leader's in Health are saying:
The best book I've ever read on cancer causes and cures.
- Paul Chek, California
Founder of the CHEK Institute 
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Transcend, not destroy, cancer.
Understand what truly causes cancer cells to develop and respond with appropriate change. Turn off cancer cell growth by addressing it at its roots.

After reading The Purpose of Cancer, I was BLOWN AWAY. People will never look at cancer the same way again - it's impossible. What a gift for the world!
- Paul, Ancaster
The wheels in my brain are turning non-stop since I read your book. My cancer makes so much sense to me now. However, it is time for those cells to take a break.. a long break!
- Chantal, Toronto
I just devoured the first book...! I just wanted you to know how inspired I am!
- Julie, Ottawa
I am about half way through your book and wanted to let you know my feelings. The book is very easy reading, understandable and fun (the illustrations add to your message). I have been having trouble putting it down. Thank you so much for this book. I will always treasure it and make use of its knowledge! I look forward to reading Books 2 & 3!
- Lorrie, Ontario
I've read countless books and articles on cancer and work within a clinic where we give clients the most up to date and easy to understand information regarding their particular disease in the hopes that precise knowledge regarding their disease can aid them with the simple changes needed to move forward with the healing process. Any client with cancer is encouraged to read Paul's book. It is without a doubt one of the best books ever written on the subject.
- Jason, Ottawa
"I read your book today cover to cover, and I had to email you right away, to tell you how excellent, awesome, powerful, simple and profound the message is!"
- Ginnie, Stratford
I bought your book this past weekend and just finished it... all I can say is WOW... and better late than never! Going to see my Oncologist today with a new sense of empowerment! Very thankful for this work and this book!
- Sheryl, Toronto
I've read The Purpose of Cancer three times now, and every time something new comes to me :)
- Carlee, Norfolk County
This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT books a person could ever read. I learned so much I didn't know about cancer  like everyone else, I just assumed it was some foreign thing that was designed to kill me, but after reading this book, I don't know how that can be possible. There is so much research out there supporting the author's argument that it's amazing it has been overlooked by the medical community.  
- James, New York
I couldn't put it down! The amazing way you write got through and registered on a level I couldn't get to before. I have never felt more inspired and empowered over my own body and health. I can not even begin to express my gratitude for how you are changing the world! (and I cannot WAIT for books 2 and 3!)
- Amy, Toronto
With awareness and guidance, we can deactivate cancer cell growth.
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